Meet Trish Gunby

Democrat for Missouri’s 99th District House Seat


Why I’m Running

I’ve been a 99th District resident for 25 years, serving as an active citizen and mother who’s known for studying issues and collaborating to solve problems with those who do and do not share my perspective. My involvement has given me a front-row seat to question legislators and uncover the ways voters’ voices and votes are being disregarded. I have decided I can no longer sit two hours away from Jefferson City and watch as the state’s democratic process is dismantled. It’s time to restore representation for all Missourians!

Who I Am

My husband Mark and I have two children – Kyle and Bryn – who both graduated from Parkway South before attending Mizzou and Bradley University. I’m a Parkway West graduate, myself, who then attended the University of Tulsa, and majored in political science and advertising/public relations. Mark is an internist and geriatrician with BJC Medical Group and has been designated as one of St. Louis’ Best Doctors by St. Louis Magazine. His only shortcoming is he’s from Chicago and is a Cubs fan. Love transcends all, I suppose.

Professionally, my background is in project management and marketing – having worked at Citicorp Mortgage and Purina before staying home to raise the kids. Alongside actively volunteering and serving in local leadership positions, this work prepared me to identify issues, organize the right teams to assess community/business needs and ensure success and accountability.  

What I’ve Done

I consider myself a “doer,” so here’s what I’ve been doing in the District for our schools, our safety and our basic human rights:

Parkway School District

  • Organizer of district-wide Kids Voting Program

  • Participant in district-wide visioning efforts around space and enrollment

  • Volunteer for 14 years at Carman Trails, South Middle and South High 

St. Louis County Police

  • Coordinator of my Neighborhood Watch Program for 10+ years

St. Louis Area Voter Protection Coalition

  • Co-leader of West County Community Action Network’s Voting Rights Team

  • Voting rights advocate and Board secretary with Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice

  • Election protection volunteer during mid-term and general elections 

Manchester United Methodist Church

  • Chairperson of the Leadership Board

  • Social Justice Coordinator focused on issues related to gun violence, hunger and poverty in the U.S., LGBTQ rights, mental health and racial justice

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope we cross paths before Election Day on November 5th!


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