Trish Gunby Announces Candidacy for HD99

Manchester, MO, April 29, 2019– While celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary, Manchester resident Trish Gunby has announced her candidacy to represent Missouri’s 99th House District on the Democratic ticket.

“Time and time again, our state legislature has failed to represent constituents’ voting interests,” Gunby said. “I can no longer sit two hours away from Jefferson City, while representation for my District, and across the state, gets trampled on.”

For years, Trish has volunteered in her District and across the state to further the interests of underserved communities.

At Manchester United Methodist Church, she served as the church’s Social Justice Coordinator, elevating the congregation’s awareness of issues related to gun violence, hunger and poverty in the U.S., LGBTQ rights, mental health and racial justice. As co-leader of West County Community Action Network’s Voting Rights Team and Board Secretary for Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice, she’s continued to educate herself and others on the evolving world we live in.

“Whether it’s voting rights or marriage equality or school lunches, Missouri needs to face forward, not backwards, to establish fairness and equity. And don’t just ask me, ask the 62% of voters who stood firmly in favor of Clean MO and a fair wage.”

Trish has lived in the District for 25 years with her husband Mark, joined by their children Kyle and Bryn. Both she and her children are graduates of Parkway Schools, while her husband grew up a Cubs fan in Chicago’s suburbs.

After 30 years, she has learned to be exceptionally forgiving.

Kyle Gunby