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As we’ve been door knocking doors and meeting with residents in the 99th District, we’ve been listening. So, whether you live on Benton Street in Valley Park, Wild Walnut Lane in Manchester, Autumn Leaf Drive in Twin Oaks or Cedar Cove Court in unincorporated St. Louis County, the following stances are a reflection of what you’ve shared with us and Trish’s core beliefs.

Restoring Representation

On February 4, 2019, Republican Jean Evans resigned and vacated her House seat, leaving the 99th District without representation for 80% of the 128-day session. For 102 days, our emails and calls to Jefferson City went unanswered. The 99th deserves dedicated, consistent representation.

Preserving Your Vote

Your vote should be respected. Period.

Yet, during the 2019 legislative session, Republicans made concerted attempts to dismantle Clean MO, or Amendment 1 – which passed in 2018 with a 62% majority in the 99th and across Missouri. Republican efforts like this will likely resurface in the next session with government transparency and redistricting hanging in the balance.

Having organized efforts to improve voting rights for Missourians as a civilian, Trish believes these additional efforts should be made at the legislative level:

  • Passing legislation that supports no-excuse absentee voting

  • Implementing early voting and automatic voter registration

  • Opposing any voter suppression efforts that target lawful voters, like purging rolls and requiring photo ID

  • Requiring the Department of Revenue/Department of Motor Vehicle offices to expand their hours for easier access to ID services

Protecting Choice

On May 24, 2019, Governor Mike Parson signed one of the most restrictive and dangerous abortion bans in American history. This bill bans abortions on or beyond the eighth week of pregnancy with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest.  

Trish will not stand by as a governor who was not popularly elected to his position, or any grouping of predominantly male legislators, infringes upon a woman’s right to her own body and safe, legal healthcare. We stand for choice.

Supporting Education

The four school districts represented in the 99th – Kirkwood, Parkway, Rockwood and Valley Park – are among the best in the state and country.  Quality education provided by qualified teachers and staff is one of our community’s most valuable assets.

That’s why Trish believes in the following: 

  • Protecting public school funding from government voucher handouts

  • Supporting subsidized breakfast and lunch programs so that students can capably learn on a full stomach

  • Increasing funding for higher education so that Missouri colleges and universities graduate high-caliber students that return home and help grow local economies

Safeguarding Communities

Law enforcement and neighborhood watch efforts keep the 99th District relatively safe. We’re deeply grateful for the protections they provide. As a community, we should continue looking out for our neighbors and be supportive of efforts in the region to address criminal justice reform and gun violence.

Trish believes we can do this by:

  • Working with neighboring communities in the County and City to better understand the needs of people of color and dismantle long-standing barriers to racial justice

  • Investing in mental health resources and subscription medicine databases to assist those suffering from mental illness and substance abuse in our community

  • Instituting common sense gun reform, supported by law enforcement, educators and numerous advocacy groups across the state and country

Preparing for the Future

Trish knows that the decisions we make today affect generations and generations to come. She wants the 99th District and the state to be places where people choose to live, raise families, send their children to school, start businesses and prosper. How do ensure that this happens? We do the following:

  • Pass the MO Non-Discrimination Act, or MONA, guaranteeing protection of LGBTQIA+ persons who can still be fired from their jobs, refused service or denied housing because of who they are

  • Bring all parties to the table in an effort to create a unified governance model for the St. Louis region, one that doesn’t repeat the missteps and inequities of “Better Together”

  • Institute a living wage and support laborers’ rights to collectively bargain, as a means of protecting the middle class from the growing power of mega-companies and the uber-wealthy

  • Listen to our neighbors of different colors, creeds and origins to ensure that national groups like the NAACP no longer deem our state an unsafe place for African-Americans to visit and reside

  • Finance infrastructure programs that repair Missouri’s crumbling roads, bridges and riverside levees, along with other structures that keep freight and capital moving within our borders

  • Protect the Affordable Care Act from attacks that negatively affect older persons, people with disabilities and children whose families cannot afford exclusive, private healthcare plans

We believe that this Missouri is an exciting Missouri. Do you agree with Trish?