The 99th District: A Snapshot

The 99th State House District

The 99th State House District

Home to the 37,783 citizens, the 99th District incorporates the following cities, townships and villages:

  • Manchester

  • Des Peres

  • Valley Park

  • Lafayette

  • Meramec

  • Missouri River

  • Queeny

  • Twin Oaks

Students in the District attend one of Parkway, Rockwood, Kirkwood or Valley Park school districts, and many grow up and choose to remain in the area.

The District is home to people of every background, race, class and faith community. Many of these citizens have a satisfactory quality of life, but many still remain uninsured and/or underserved by the state.

It’s our goal to represent all Missourians living the the 99th District by treating every voice with the same respect and same belonging to our unique corner of St. Louis County.

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